OK, first of all, let me say that the reason I keep this blog is mostly for me.  I’m the “family historian” if you will, and so this is kind of like journaling for me, but without having to go to the effort of finding a pen that writes.  It also helps me organize my thoughts, come up with new ideas (I actually came up with an idea for a series of scrapbook pages I want to do, after looking back over what I’ve written!), and just generally unload the stress that occasionaly pops up in life.

That being said, I know that other people read this blog.  Friends, family, people who want to keep up with the antics of my four rambunctious children, or who want to know how I manage to get anything done around here at all.  Sometimes, if I say something particularly interesting, funny, heart-wrenching, etc., I even get a comment or two.  So I know regular readers are out there.

The ones that really intrigue me, though, are the people who come across my blog because of google searches.  Perfect strangers who are looking for specific information, something that I’ve happened to mention at some point.  It would be nice to think that people find me because they’re looking for parenting or homemaking tips, or because they want to know how other people homeschool (OK, I admit, I have had a few of those), or are just looking for some fantastic new insight.  Apparently, though, that is not what my blog has to offer.  No, people find me because I made one offhand reference to a “sandboni” during the Olympics. That’s right, folks.  The search that is producing the most hits on my blog is people looking for information on a beach smoothing apparatus.  Sure does put things in perspective, doesn’t it?  Guess I’m not as interesting as I thought!  (Sandbonis, however, are endlessly fascinating!)  A dose of humility is good for the soul!

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