That’s My Girl

Bunny has invented a new word recently–“hibobous.”  I wasn’t even sure how to spell it at first.  I really had no idea what it meant.  She kept saying things like “that’s hibobous!” and I was growing increasingly concerned that she might be crazy (OK, not really, but I was starting to wonder about her a bit, or a bit more, anyway!).  Turkey acted like he knew what she meant, though, and the two of them kept having conversations in which she would claim something was “hibobous,” and he would seemingly understand exactly what she was saying.

I finally got a chance to really hear the two of them talking the other day, however, (read: I was spying on them when they were actually playing nicely together) and I finally had a lightbulb moment.  Turkey said that something (no idea what he was actually referring to) was “hilarious,” and Bunny promptly replied that it wasn’t “hilarious” it was actually “hibobous.”  Hearing them say the two words together was what finally turned on the lightbulb over my head.  What they were actually hearing when they said the words were “hiLarryious” and “hiBobous.”  Larry and Bob.  The cucumber and tomato.  You know, of Veggie Tales fame? As it turns out, I have no one to blame but myself, because I seem to have passed on my weird love of the countertop set to my children.

At any rate, I think that was a pretty clever invention for a four-year-old, swapping out what she assumed was the name Larry in a word for the name Bob.  I think I may be in trouble with her though–she is definitely going to keep my on my toes in school (and, let’s face it, everywhere else!).

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