Quote of the Day

“Mousetrap. I wanted to play ‘Mousetrap.’ You roll your dice, you move your mice. Nobody gets hurt.” Bob the Tomato in Veggie Tales‘ “The Toy that Saved Christmas”

The Top Five–Veggies Tales Silly Songs

“And now it’s time for “Silly Songs with Larry,” the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. So without further ado…”

It’s time for another “Top Five” list…this time, my favorite Veggie Tales Silly Songs! I’m not going to include “The Hairbrush Song,” because it’s too obvious. It’s like adding the Bible to your list of favorite books…it’s just a given, we all love it, it’s in a class of its own. So, once you get past that, here’s my top five list (which actually has six songs, because the two Christmas Silly Songs are a tie in my book!):

  • “The Song of the Cebú”–I’ll never understand why Archibald continues to be surprised when Larry’s songs don’t work out as advertised, and yet his indignation is always funny. The idea of a sneezing cebú never disappoints, as well.
  • “Pizza Angel”–Maybe it’s because it’s a song about Chicago-style pizza, or maybe it’s because it’s such a ridiculous set-up, but I really love this song!
  • “Kilts and Stilts”–This one is a little surprising, because I will admit that I’m not as big a fan of the newer Silly Songs as I am of the early ones. But Kilts and Stilts makes me laugh every time, and it’s just so clever!
  • “Monkey”–I have fond memories of this song, because Moose loved it so much when he was small. It’s also very useful…I don’t think any of us will ever forget, “Tail…monkey. No tail…ape!”
  • “The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas”–This song had its beginning in a classic Silly Song, “I Love My Lips,” where Oscar is first mentioned. And before it was a Silly Song, in the traditional sense of the word, it appeared on a Christmas CD. It was hilarious then, and even funnier once the visuals were added!
  • “Oh, Santa”–Even thought it’s a song about Santa, I love it. Especially the peach as IRS agent, and the fact that even kindly Larry won’t put up with him.

“This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry sing…”

Quote of the Day

These lines, from the song “One in a Million” on the Veggie Tales “Junior’s Bedtime Songs” CD, always make me choke up a bit.

Through all the laughter, through all the tears,
Whenever you need me, I will be standing here, right here.
No need to wonder, don’t ever fear,
Though you may wonder,
I’ll always be right here, right here.

You’re more than one in a million,
No one can take your place,
Though I could try,
There’s no way that I could ever forget your face.

Christmas School–Day Six

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

While we may not do the whole Santa thing, we do recognize Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, on this day of his commemoration. We started the day with a few small gifts in the children’s stocking–an orange, some candies, an ornament, and the gifts Turkey and Bunny purchased for their siblings at the Dollar Spot at Target. They, of course, thought this was great fun!

Once school began, we read Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend, which is an excellent book from CPH. As the title suggests, this book tells the story of the actual St. Nicholas, (or at least as much of it as we know), as opposed to the normal Santa stories we hear at this time of year. This story illustrates the faith and generosity of Nicholas of Myra, as well as reminds us that we should be practicing that same generosity (and not only at Christmas!), because of the generosity God shows to us in the gifts He gives us.

We then read another version of this same story in The Kingfisher Book of Classic Christmas Stories. This time, however, we read a Dutch legend, instead of a biographical story, and there were some glaring differences. It is much easier to see where our Santa mythology comes from when reading this particular version–According to the Dutch, St. Nicholas stood on rooftops, and tossed coins down chimneys, which then landed in stockings. It was fun to compare and contrast the two stories, even if this one veered pretty far from the truth.

We also watched the Veggie Tales DVD, Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. This was, naturally, mostly just for fun, (who doesn’t love Veggie Tales?), but there was some historical information in this recording. I will admit, however, you really have to look for it–this particular story takes some real liberties with the life of Nicholas, especially as it tries to morph his story into the Santa mythos. In spite of that, it does once again capture the spirit of generosity, which is always a good lesson for children to learn, and hear over and over. I would suggest that it’s a good idea to talk about this one with the children, to make sure that they understand the difference between the fact and fiction in this video.

Today’s craft project was a “Handprint Wreath.” Now, I realize that this had nothing to do with St. Nicholas, but it was a lot of fun, and I’m a sucker for handprint crafts. Plus, it looks really cute!

That’s My Girl

Bunny has invented a new word recently–“hibobous.”  I wasn’t even sure how to spell it at first.  I really had no idea what it meant.  She kept saying things like “that’s hibobous!” and I was growing increasingly concerned that she might be crazy (OK, not really, but I was starting to wonder about her a bit, or a bit more, anyway!).  Turkey acted like he knew what she meant, though, and the two of them kept having conversations in which she would claim something was “hibobous,” and he would seemingly understand exactly what she was saying.

I finally got a chance to really hear the two of them talking the other day, however, (read: I was spying on them when they were actually playing nicely together) and I finally had a lightbulb moment.  Turkey said that something (no idea what he was actually referring to) was “hilarious,” and Bunny promptly replied that it wasn’t “hilarious” it was actually “hibobous.”  Hearing them say the two words together was what finally turned on the lightbulb over my head.  What they were actually hearing when they said the words were “hiLarryious” and “hiBobous.”  Larry and Bob.  The cucumber and tomato.  You know, of Veggie Tales fame? As it turns out, I have no one to blame but myself, because I seem to have passed on my weird love of the countertop set to my children.

At any rate, I think that was a pretty clever invention for a four-year-old, swapping out what she assumed was the name Larry in a word for the name Bob.  I think I may be in trouble with her though–she is definitely going to keep my on my toes in school (and, let’s face it, everywhere else!).

My Favorite Things–CDs

A Relaxing Soak in the Tub–I picked this one up at Hallmark at least 10 years ago, and I still love it. A nice collection of classical music, perfect for falling asleep to.

Boys Night Out–The Rat Pack–I feel like I’m in a swanky nightclub whenever I listen to this (or at least what my imagination has created a swanky nightclub to be!)

This One’s From the Heart–James Darren (aka Vic Fontaine)–All I have to do is listen to this CD, and I’m instantly transported to my happy place.

A Splash of Pops–Boston Pops–Every year around the end of June, I have an uncontrollable urge to listen to this. It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without the Boston Pops!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Soundtrack–I love the songs (even the corny test copies) that never made it to the movie. So much fun!

O Lord Open My Lips, And My Mouth Will Declare Your Praise, and With High Delight–St. Paul Lutheran Church Children’s Choir–Rumor has it that there is a fourth CD, Sing With All the Saints, but someone (*cough* Ryan *cough*) hasn’t gone down to the bookstore to check out the price for me!

Hymns for All Saints series–CPH–I love the groupings of music on these CDs, and I also love that I got at least one of them free from good ol’ Thrivent.

Road Trip–Not a music CD, but a compilation of old time radio shows dealing with travel. So, my secret is out–I love old time radio. I’m weird, I know it, and I’ve come to accept it. I blame my father, I really do. My favorites are Fibber McGee and Molly, Jack Benny, and the Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show. Oh, and My Favorite Husband, the precursor to television’s I Love Lucy. So mostly comedy. But I love all the selections on this set, and I got to listen to some shows I normally wouldn’t have otherwise.

The 60 Greatest Old Time Radio Christmas Shows: Selected by Andy Williams–I don’t technically own this on CD–I got the audio tapes (does anybody still listen to those?) on clearance. I love this set because: 1.) it’s Christmas; B.) it has a lot of my favorite shows; and, 3.) it has some shows I wouldn’t have normally listened to, and discovered that I actually enjoy (Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, anyone? “On you huskies!”)

The Best of Fibber McGee and Molly–More old time radio–the McGee’s are the first show I fell in love with, and still my number one favorite–there are days I wish I could live in Wistful Vista!

Back Home–Caedmon’s Call–This CD will always remind me of my first pregnancy, so how could it not be one of my favorites?

Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years–Frank Sinatra

Anything by Andrew Peterson (but Carried Along will always be my favorite!)–He’s my favorite Christian singer.

WOW 2006–I think this was the first in the WOW series, and in my estimation, it will always be the best.

Christmas with the Rat Pack–The Rat Pack–This is my most-listened to CD every year at Christmastime.

The Nutcracker/Symphony #4–Tchaikovsky–Ryan got me the complete recordings for Christmas one year, and I love them! If I’m really lucky, I can convince him they’re not technically Christmas music, and get my Christmas fix in July.

A Charlie Brown Christmas–Traditionally, this is the first Christmas CD we listen to every year. Possibly because I cheat with it sometime after we watch the Great Pumpkin in October–hey, it’s Charlie Brown music, not Christmas music! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

The Christmas Song–Nat King Cole–This CD has no less than three different recordings of The Christmas Song, aka Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and also a really cool Toys for Tots promo recording.

White Christmas–Bing Crosby–Classic. What more do I need to say?

Any Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CDs (especially Christmas–love the version of Stille Nacht at the end!)–I know they’re considered “New Age” or whatever, but I can’t find anything objectionable about their Christmas recordings.

The Christmas Trilogy–Trans-Siberian Orchestra–I admit, there are some things on this set I don’t really care for. But there are also some really awesome recordings–especially Christmas Canon.

Holiday Pops–Boston Pops–It wouldn’t seem like Christmas without hearing the Pops perform Sleigh Ride.

Huh, I have an awful lot of Christmas CDs on here. What can I say? I love Christmas music, and listen to it almost exclusively through November and December, and on into Epiphany. And the worst part is, I know there must be a least a CD or two that I’m leaving off this list!

Hoosiers Soundtrack–OK, I never actually actually owned this on CD, because it doesn’t exist, but I wore out the tape in high school, because it was my favorite thing to listen to when falling asleep.

Anything Veggie Tales–I know they’re children’s CDs, but I can’t help but love the dialogue in between tracks, and some of the songs are really funny! And the Junior’s Bedtimes Songs CD is really sweet. I can’t help but tear up at a few of the tracks (One in a Million gets me every time!).

Mad About You Soundtrack–I like this one so much, I’ve owned two copies of it, because my first one mysteriously disappeared!

The Very Best of Sheryl Crow–Can’t stand her politically, but this CD always makes me feel happy.