Cars Go Crunch

That’s what Turkey tells me, anyway!

On the way to Wal-Mart last night, we had a little accident.  When we were turning right, the lady behind us apparently didn’t check to make sure we had pulled onto the road and/or that we were accelerating at the rate she wanted to go…anyway, she turned, too, and rammed right into the back of our car.

Everyone is fine, not even a peep out of the children.  I really think they were so confused, they had no idea what had happened.  Turkey and Bunny did demonstrate that they actually have been listening to me, and remembered that you call “911” in an emergency to get help from a policeman (of course, neither Ryan or I had our cell phones on us at the time, so they didn’t get to witness us making a call to the police). They were a little disappointed that the officer did not come with lights blazing and sirens blaring, but they were ecstatic that he took a moment to say “hello” to them.

Speaking of confused, I also had no idea what had happened.  I have never been in any kind of a fender bender before, so I heard the “crunch” and felt a jolt, but I couldn’t process what it was.  My first thought was a tire-blow out, because it felt like only one side of the car was affected (which was basically true, based on where she hit us), but I figured Ryan wouldn’t be that peeved about a tire–he does have some experience in that department.  So, I knew whatever it was, was not good, based on Ryan’s reaction, but I just couldn’t figure it out.  So, naturally, I asked Ryan what had happened.  The look he gave me pointed out to me just how ridiculous the question was, but he was kind enough to inform me that we had been rear-ended.  So, now I know (although, I’d really rather not have to put that knowledge to use ever again!).

The best part was when, upon leaving our car after giving us the report, the police officer said to us “have a…(awkward pause)…better night.”  For some reason, I found that very amusing.

And Turkey is right, cars *do* go crunch!

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