Defeated Again

Blast!  Turkey has once again used logic to best me.  As if Bunny and her “carrots are roots” comment wasn’t enough…

I was trying to explain what “Pioneers” are to them tonight.  We’ve been reading the “Little House” series, so I didn’t think it would be too hard.  People like the Ingalls family are pioneers, right?  Well, they required more detail than that (I should have seen that one coming!).  They wanted to know what exactly made them pioneers.  So, I thought of what I thought was a good, easy to understand, age-appropriate explanation for them.  Pioneers are the people who went west before most other people did.  They were adventurers who lived out there first.

That all sounded good in my head (and really, it still does), until Turkey kindly pointed out that “actually, Indians lived there first, not the pioneers.”  OK, then.  Once again, I ask, can I hand in my resignation?

At least they were listening a few months ago when I tried to explain who the American Indians were, and why they kept popping up in “Little House on the Prairie.”  Sometimes, though, I think they may listen a little too much!

One thought on “Defeated Again

  1. Your definition is a good one; however, not enough for your children [smile]. Kids blow me away by the amount of detail they can sometimes imbibe.

    Pioneers would be the first anglo-saxon settlers to move west. That takes care of the Indians and the French trappers who went before but were not anglo-saxon or settlers [smile].

    So glad to hear your children are doing so well. Keep up the great work, and don’t you dare hand in a resignation letter. Your kids are doing great!


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