According to “Glamour,” I’m OK

I have to admit:  I love Glamour magazine.  I don’t always agree with it, but I appreciate their fashions, because I think they do a decent job of representing different body types, and showing clothes that are actually wearable, and not just ridiculous.  I love the beauty tips, the articles, the “Dos and Don’ts.”

One of my favorite columns every month, though, is the “It’s OK to…” segment.  It’s usually just a random grouping of things you shouldn’t have to feel bad about doing or not doing, primarily light-hearted, but are often things I find that I can relate to.

Recently (and by that I mean about two months ago, but it slipped my mind!) I read that:

“It’s OK to…have never seen a single episode of Star Trek…or, to have seen every. Single. One.”

Guess which category I fall into?  At least Glamour says I don’t need to feel bad about myself for my inherent nerdiness…also good news for Bunny, who has displayed a propensity toward being a nerd (she loves Worf, what does that tell you?).  I wonder where she gets that from?

*Please note that I am not actually depending on Glamour for validation, or to seriously tell me what in my life is OK and what is not.  I just find it amusing, and often accurate!

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