At the Ball Game

Sunday was Girl Scout Day at Busch Stadium, so we took the children to their first ever Major League Baseball game, and my first game at the new stadium. Ryan’s parents were able to join us, which was really fun, and also really helpful, since we had two extra pairs of hands and eyes to help out!

Our seats were up in the clouds, which I wasn’t a big fan of, but the children didn’t seem to mind being up so high, or being away from the action on the field. Anyway, we definitely had a great view of the whole ballpark!

Turkey was, not surprisingly, the child most interested in the game. He spent most of the time we were there worrying that the Cardinals weren’t going to win, but come the end of the game, he was a very happy camper. He even decided that the Cards had decided to intentionally play a suspenseful game, so that they could have a big win in the ninth.

Bunny decided she was done with the game around the third inning, and spent the rest of our time there thinking about going home and playing with her birthday presents that she received the day before. She did perk up whenever the crowd got excited, but she certainly didn’t enjoy the game the way her brother did.

I think Moose had total sensory overload, which is a good thing for him, because it kept him occupied. Between all the sights, sounds, and smells of the ballpark, there was no end of things to look at and listen to. His favorite part, though, seemed to be spending so much time with Grandpa!

Ladybug…well, I know she didn’t care about the game, but she loved Fredbird! She also loved all the clapping and cheering and shouting. Oh, and playing musical chairs. If anyone got out of their seat (especially Bunny), she promptly stole it. Couldn’t decide who she wanted to sit by to save her life, so she sat by just about everybody at one point or another. She also got a cute new hat out of the deal!

It was a great way to spend what started out as a stormy Sunday, but ended up being really nice, and not even too hot!

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