No Microwave: Day Fourteen

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner, which I would normally heat up in the microwave, but of course I had to use the stove instead. This was probably my biggest problem day since going microwave-free.

Dinner was thawed, but *very* cold when I put it in the oven to reheat. I was hoping it would take 25-30 minutes to heat through, but it ended up taking closer to an hour. How I missed the convenience of the quick-cooking microwave today!

In other news, I found a microwave I like. I was even all set to buy it (on sale!) at Best Buy this week. There was just one little problem. The display model was stainless steel, which doesn’t go with our kitchen, but the tag on it said also available in black, which is what we need. So, I asked the sales person to look it up, find out how I could get it, and what the price difference would be. When he looks it up, however, he finds no black model of that microwave in their system. Huh? How do you intentionally print up a tag saying an item is available, when it doesn’t exist at all?!?

Well, it *does* exist, because I found it on Samsung’s website, but I can’t find anywhere I can get it retail. I’m hoping that maybe it’s a new model (please don’t be an old, discontinued one!) that Best Buy *will* have in the future, but doesn’t have yet. So, I’ll wait some more, I suppose. I *really* liked that model. Actually, it’s the only one I’ve found that I really like, and that goes with our kitchen, and is in our budget. So I think waiting is probably my best option for now.

In the meantime, I just have to make sure to plan a little farther ahead when reheating leftovers for dinner!

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