Books Everywhere!

Turkey and Bunny have started going through books at an alarming rate. They are now reading fairly long books, and they are reading them quickly (especially Bunny). And for some reason, they both insist on having at least two books going at any given time. I think that would have confused me at their age, but they seem to be keeping their stories straight–Ramona hasn’t snuck into the great glass elevator with Charlie and Willie Wonka yet, and Rose Wilder isn’t touring the chocolate factory (at least not yet!).

This makes me grateful that we have a decent start on a home library. We have our wonderful curriculum (although I do try to keep those books separate from the rest), as well as a few shelves of books-for-pleasure. I have been putting that part of library together since, well, basically since I was Turkey’s age. There are the books that I am on my second, and possibly¬†third, copies of–books I received for the first time when I was Turkey’s age (like The Little House series); there are books I’ve had since before I got married (like The Phantom Tollbooth); there are other books we purchased before having children (like Alice in Wonderland). And then there are all the books we have bought and received since having children, and especially since we started homeschooling.

So, we have a good selection of books right here at home, but Turkey and Bunny will have gone through all of them at least once before too long. I’d sing the praises of our public library and the library-loan system, but I’m currently afraid to set foot in the place–now I’m hearing bedbugs like books?!? Who knew?

Until I’m ready to brave the library again, (because I’m not taking any chances on bringing those home!) I’ll be happy for all of the Swagbucks I can earn. And I may have to look at putting a line item in our budget dedicated to extra books (curriculum has its own line item already). But before I do that, I’ll have to come up with the extra money for it!

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