Ever since Moose started in the early childhood program over two years ago, he’s had weekly homework. It’s been a real journey to get it done–his first year in school, he couldn’t understand what to do, or maybe he just didn’t want to do it. Either way, every time we sat down to work on homework (matching shapes and colors, reading a story, that kind of thing), he would resist. Mightily.

His second year, he was more agreeable. He would protest a bit when we sat down to do the work, but he would actually do it, and do it correctly. I got a better idea of what he was learning, and I think he had a feeling of success from completing the assignments.

This year, he’s actually started asking to do his homework before I ask him. He’s also been working on some new skills, such as writing his name and cutting out shapes. And he’s been improving steadily. His writing and drawing are so much better than they were even at the start of this school year.

Today he got back his best assignment yet. He had lots of smiley faces from his teacher for a job well done. Good coloring, good writing (even a number, which I didn’t even know he could do, as I’ve been focusing on letters with him), good matching. I was so proud to see that his teacher recognized his improvement on this particular week’s worth–I’m always worried that my motherly pride is getting in the way of knowing how he’s really progressing.

But I guess this time, motherly pride and the teacher were in agreement–great job Moose!

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