It’s That Time Of Year

I’m guessing all teachers, whether public or private school, or homeschool like me, face this problem in the spring.

I am sick to death of what we’re currently studying. Turkey and Bunny, fortunately, don’t share this feeling, but I am just tired of ancient Greece and Rome, and I want to move on.

On the other hand, I am over the moon excited about what we’re going to be learning about next year. I spend time researching everything we will be using, looking for special supplements to add on to our curriculum, planning for our electives, even revising our daily and weekly schedules. I’m looking forward to the day I can order the rest of our materials for next year (because I’ve already assembled about 2/3 of it), and don’t even get me started on box day!

In short, I can’t wait to start third grade. The only problem is, we have to finish second grade first!

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