Ten Years

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. Being the sentimental sort that I am, I can’t help but look back over those ten years, and all of the changes we’ve experienced, some very bittersweet.

I’m remembering dear loved ones, family and friends, who are no longer with us. While I rejoice that they are home with our Lord, it still makes me sad to remember those who are no longer here to celebrate this day with us, especially our baby who we never got a chance to know.

The church in which we were married is in the process of moving to a new building. It makes me very sad to think that the church building (the same one in which I was baptized and confirmed) will no longer be used for regular worship, that other happy events will no longer take place there. I am, however, very grateful that the congregation remains intact, because they are the soul of the church, not the building itself.

The restaurant at which we had our reception has been razed. I had always hoped to go back there someday, and have a regular dinner, but we just never got around to it before it was torn down. Again, I’m sad to think that events as happy as our wedding won’t have the chance to take place there.

Even the resort at which we spent our honeymoon has been sold. This was another place I thought we’d go back to someday–maybe for our 25th anniversary or something. We could go to one of the “sister resorts,” in the future, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be quite the same.

My bittersweet memories even recall the somewhat ridiculous–I’m sad that Friends is no longer on TV. You see, Monica and Chandler’s “wedding” was the night before ours, and I watched, so excited to see my day playing out on my favorite sitcom. OK, it wasn’t actually *my* day, but I still felt it was something we shared, and once that season came out on DVD, we started watching it on our anniversary (or the night before), every year. Then again, I’m very happy that we are able to watch it and reminisce every year!

Even when I look back at the path I *thought* our life was going to take, I feel a little bittersweet. Where we ended up is so much better than I could have dreamed, and yet, it’s not where we planned to be. But you know the old saying: “Man plans, God laughs.”

In spite of all that, I look back over these last ten years, and I am so happy and grateful. I have a happy marriage, four beautiful children, a nice home, and we belong to a fantastic church. I couldn’t have seen all of that coming down the road ten years ago, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

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