Football Friday

Moose’s school tried something new today–Football Friday. It appeared to be the idea of our new-ish principal, who must be a big football fan. They had all of the students get together in the afternoon, mixed them up so they were no longer organized by grade, and had a tailgate party–Moose said he had a hotdog and chips. Then they all played games, (I’m assuming somehow related to football), on the fields behind the school.

Of course, the idea was that the students all wear their St. Louis Rams apparel. That obviously wasn’t going to fly with us, and in the absence of any Packers clothes in his size, Moose wore a University of Michigan jersey. They put face paint on him at school, and he also got several strands of Mardi Gras beads, I’m assuming as prizes. The day was a big hit with him–I’m just hoping they do something equally fun in the spring, before baseball’s Opening Day!

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