The Jesus Tree–Day Fourteen

Today’s reading was about the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37. Reading out loud actually got me wondering…what is the difference between the priest and the Levite in this story? A Levite is a priest, yes? Or at least from the priestly line. I did some cursory research in my Lutheran Study Bible, and all I found in my initial reading of the footnotes is that they’re both temple workers. Even The Story Bible refers to the Levite as “another worker from the temple.” I wonder if there is supposed to be some distinction between the two that I’m just not getting? Maybe I don’t properly understand the difference between a priest and a regular Levite? Or if it’s just a way of showing two people who should have known better than to leave an injured man on the side of the road? I may dig out the Luke commentary later, if I’m feeling intelligent enough for it!

Oh, and there was also a lot of discussion as to whether our symbol was a horse or a donkey. The ESV just says “animal,” and I guess it doesn’t really matter, but small inquiring minds really wanted to know!

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