Thanksgiving School 2012–Day Six

Today, we took a look modern Thanksgiving celebrations, but we also had a bit of review, as well.

We started with Pardon that Turkey. This is a cute book, which, in part, tells the origins of the annual turkey pardoning by the President. The book also reviews Thanksgiving in America, though, starting with the first Thanksgiving, but the bulk of the story focuses on Sarah Hale. This was a nice review after reading Sarah Gives Thanks on Friday, especially since this is the first year we learned about her.

Our other two books focused on that great American tradition: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Milly and the Macy’s Parade is one of my favorite stories to read every year, and blends fact and fiction to tell the story of how the parade got started. Balloons over Broadway tells the true story of how balloons were added to the Macy’s Parade, and how the balloons work. This was a new book to us this year (it was published in 2011), and we all really enjoyed it. The illustrations are fun, and it was another interesting glimpse into how the parade became what it is today.

Our craft for today was edible–Oreo cookie turkeys. These are adorable and so easy to make…the children loved them! It’s always fun to make an edible craft, too, because it doubles as snack time.

Tomorrow is a fun and silly story day, and then on Wednesday, we’ll re-read a few of our favorites, and make our annual hand-and-footprint turkeys. Thanksgiving is almost here!

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