Ladybug Logic

Last night, Ryan and I sat down to watch our favorite show, Castle, while the children were reading upstairs (the fact that there was no new episode of Castle this week is a whole other story). Ladybug appeared downstairs, as she often does, looked at the TV, which was on the Castle menu, and said, “You’re going to watch White Castle?”

After trying unsuccessfully to suppress my giggles, I explained to her that the show we were going to watch was just CastleWhite Castle is a fast food place. The lightbulb went on, as she remembered that Daddy occasionally likes to eat there.

A few minutes later, I heard her ask: “So, you’re going to watch the White House show?”

I give up. She went from Castle to White Castle, which made some sense, but then, instead of correcting her error, she instead further complicated her mistake  going from White Castle to White House. Trying to teach her logic in a few years is going to be interesting, I think!

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