Forty-Five Weeks

I love the smile behind the teething ring!


So big!


Why is it so much fun to watch a baby eat Cheerios?


Chickadee’s favorite game right now is one that we call “sumo baby.” For quite some time, when she’s in her crib or the playpen, she’s enjoyed holding onto the side, and bouncing up and down. Recently, she’s discovered that she can make quite a racket while doing this, and she’s been trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. So, she’ll pick a spot, hold on tight, raise one leg in the air, and stomp down as hard as she can, all while watching her foot in action to see what happens. Her big, pudgy legs, especially when bare, resemble a sumo-wrestlers, thus the name of the game. She can make an amazing amount of noise stomping, and finds it hilarious. It’s quite adorable!


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