2012-13 School Year–Week Twenty-Four

This week was kind of blah. We had a stomach virus in the house (not fun!), which had Moose home from school for two days. This was actually fine, because he felt pretty good, and he really wanted to join in. He spent some time teaching Ladybug, too, which was sweet, and endearing, and something I wasn’t sure I’d ever actually see him do. It also made me wish he could be home with us all the time…between the short week last week, and this week, it was really hard to send him back on Thursday when he was feeling better. But his school is still the best choice for his education, so there he’ll stay.

Anyway, the week is kind of a blur, although we did somehow manage to have school every day. We did our Jesus Tree readings every day, as well as reading from Amon’s Adventure, although we actually managed to get a day ahead in that somehow, and took Friday off. Fractions for Turkey and Bunny in math, the letter “n” for Ladybug in reading, baseball, music, and early rockets in history, and the conclusion of our study on the senses in science. We also read more in A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt. We’ll finish it next week, which is disappointing, because we’re all really enjoying it. I’m sure we did other stuff, too, but like I said, the week is kind of a blur. I’m just hoping next week is more normal, and we can get a lot done…we only have two more weeks of school before a two-week vacation!

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