Cakeway to the West–The Holy Grail of Giant St. Louis Tchotchkes

Another one of my favorite Stl250 Cakeway to the West installations is located at Rigazzi’s on The Hill:


There are several reasons this cake is a favorite. First of all, the cake itself is dedicated to St. Louis icons. The Arch, the statue of King Louis, baseball, shoes, beer, chess, zoo animals, the fleur-de-lis…it’s all there. A true snapshot right into the heart of the city. But my love of this installation doesn’t stop there.

The cake couldn’t be in a more St. Louis location than on The Hill. The Hill and its restaurants are world-famous. It’s a great little neighborhood that’s an example of how great the neighborhoods of St. Louis are, with their unique, quirky characteristics. I had high hopes for a cake on The Hill, and this one did not disappoint!

But that’s not all. The cake is also placed directly beneath one of the All-Star arches from the 2009 All-Star game! As we drove up to it, all I could think was that we hit a St. Louis tchotchkes holy grail. To find a 250th birthday cake and an All-Star arch in the same place, with the giant Budweiser sign in the background…perhaps I shouldn’t look directly at it! This was, as far as I’m concerned, the find of the year as far as the cakes go. I can’t imagine liking the placement of another one as much (although, I’ll leave the door open to be pleasantly surprised!), even if other cake designs may be future favorites.

I also discovered another cake/arch combo, at the Matthews-Dickey Boy’s and Girl’s Club! I don’t like this cake as much as the one at Rigazzi’s, but I appreciate the placement!


It just goes to show that location is everything!

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