The Schnucks Anniversary Celebration

Today, our local Schnucks store was having a celebration for the store’s 75th anniversary. I’m just weird enough that hanging out at the grocery store on a Saturday morning sounded like a good idea!


The highlight of the event (for me, anyway), was the barber shop quartet…so fun!


The front of the store (inside and out), was decorated to give it an old-time feel…I think they succeeded!

I love that Schlafly made a special beer just for Schnucks anniversary!


Of course there was food:

And cake!


The soda was even in glass bottles…how old school! (Not pictured is the pineapple Fanta that three of the children tried, and I insisted on sampling…it was so good!)


Did I mention the throwback uniforms? Bow ties are cool!


This was a really fun way for Schnucks to include their customers in the anniversary celebration.

Here’s to another 75 years!

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