Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum

I’ve been trying for over two weeks now to find the words to describe just how cool the new Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum at Ballpark Village is. I obviously can’t show you everything, but here’s a glimpse at what you can expect to see when you visit.

The Hall of Fame wall is outside the museum, and can be seen even without paying the museum’s admission fee:


Once you get inside the museum, there’s so much to see! It’s arranged chronologically, from the very beginning of the Cardinals organization, up to today’s team.


I especially liked the section dedicated to Stan the Man, and was impressed to see his Medal of Freedom displayed there:


And, being me, I also loved the vintage displays. There were several for the St. Louis Browns:



And one for St. Louis’ Negro League team, the Stars:


There was even a tribute to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League! It was one of many displays housed in drawers that are the perfect height for children to open…I love that there’s something they are encouraged to do without getting in trouble!


There are models of all of the Cardinals ballparks:

I love how different parts of the museum are decorated to look like the different stadiums the Cardinals have played in. The blue lights made the old Busch Stadium model look really cool!


And of course the new Busch Stadium section is as beautiful as the actual ballpark!


We all loved getting to hold the bats of some of the Cardinals greats. The white-gloved gentleman manning that display was very friendly and knowledgeable.

There’s a display dedicated to each World Series victory. We all loved seeing David Freese’s torn jersey from 2011:


Speaking of World Series, there are trophies of all kinds:

The display of Cardinals promotional giveaways and collectibles was also cool:

There are so many other things to see…uniforms, equipment, pennants, memorabilia…pretty much anything you can think of!

You can even see souvenirs of some of the other events that have been held at the Cardinals ballparks!

There are so many more things to see, but I hope this gives you an idea of what an awesome place the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum is. Hopefully, you get a chance to visit someday!

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