Summer School 2014

This has been a very busy “term” of summer school! I originally planned to wrap up each week, like I do during the standard school year, but there were many weeks when we only had school two or three days. That’s the beauty of homeschooling, but it’s not very conducive to weekly reports!

We had a great book list for the basis of our lessons. This created a great scope of baseball and American history, for our purposes. We also studied geography, focusing on the locations of all of the MLB teams, as well as some other notable baseball locations. The coloring books I got for the children not only encouraged them to color carefully and in details in terms of uniforms, but also taught them a great deal about individual players. We studied math and the science of baseball, as well, and watched several baseball movies.


The highlight our summer school was field trips. We went on a Busch Stadium tour, and learned more history.


We also visited the new Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum, and were immersed in hands-on history.

We went to a Cardinals game, you know, to get the full baseball experience (not that we’ve never done that before!).


We also went to a vintage baseball game, to see how the game has changed over the years.


And we toured the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where we learned not only history, but the practical how of how baseball bats are made.


And we visited the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame. Even more history!


I truly believe that this was our finest year of summer school ever. It covered a topic everybody is interested in, and because it was history-focused, something about which I am especially passionate. I hope my children will always remember the lessons they learned this summer!

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