2014-15 School Year–Week Three

I feel like we’ve finally settled into a routine for this school year, which sounds about right…don’t they say it takes three weeks to get used to something new?

Turkey and Bunny finally had something new thrown at them in math this week…we’ve now added exponents to our order of operations list. They’re continuing to work on equations, as well, and their book is now using variables other than x and n, which has really throw them for some reason! Ladybug has been working on counting by threes, as well as continuing to add numbers that have thousands digits. It was so nice outside today that we did some chalk math on the driveway, which everyone decided was more fun than doing regular math (please ignore the mistake in one of the problems…it was a transcription error from the work side of the driveway to the answer side)!

Language arts has continued to keep everybody busy. Ladybug has been working on longer copy work assignments, as well as learning about the different types of verbs, especially linking verbs. Turkey and Bunny have been working on one-level outlines, of both historical and scientific readings. Everybody got perfect scores on their spelling tests this week, too, which was cause for great rejoicing!

In history we studied the early Byzantine Empire, especially Justinian and Theodora. We spent some time looking at art from that era, as well. It definitely has a recognizable style! We also spent some this week, as we do every year, on some more modern history, as we discussed the events and aftermath of 9/11.

In science we continued to learn about pollination. Who knew there was so much information on that one topic? We learned a lot about the colors of the flowers, and what insects (especially bees), can and cannot see. The children were very surprised to learn that while bees don’t see the color red, they are able to see ultraviolet light that we can’t!

We have finished our time in the Misty Mountains in the Hobbit. We read all about goblins and wargs and giant eagles this week. We also met my favorite (NOT!) character in the book…Gollum. I refused to do the voice when I was reading, which I’m sure was a disappointment to the children, seeing as how Ryan is very good at getting into character with Gollum.

And, on a kind of school-related note, Bunny began volleyball this week. It’s a parks and rec program, but the teams are divided up by school, so it was a little awkward for her at first. All of the girls on her team know each other, of course, but they seemed pretty nice, and were making a point to include her. She’s very excited about playing in her first game in a few weeks!

Hopefully we’ll have more beautiful fall weather next week…we’re already anticipating visiting Forest Park again for another fall nature walk!

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