2014-15 School Year–Weeks Five and Six

I realized on Monday that I never shared a wrap-up for last week, but I’ve been so busy, I decided to just finish out this week and combine the two. Apologies if I forget some of what we’ve been up to…the last few weeks (and weekends!) have been so busy that everything is just running together in my memory!

Turkey and Bunny have continued to work on order of operations in math, as well as both multiplying and dividing much longer numbers. Ladybug is almost ready to start borrowing, and this scares me a little, just as it did when I had to teach it to Turkey and Bunny. Hopefully she’ll catch on as quickly as she did with carrying!

In language arts, Turkey and Bunny have kept working on creating a one-level outline. They’ve also started turning it around, and writing a narrative from an outline. There has been some complaining about this, but they’re both doing a good job! Ladybug is still working on one sentence narrations of a passage she has read (or has been read to her), in addition to learning about the different kinds of verbs.

Our history studies have taken us from the Arabian peninsula east to India, China, Japan, and Korea. We then moved south and learned about Australia and New Zealand. We’ve learned a lot of interesting things, some of which were new to me, but not to Turkey and Bunny. It would appear that they had read some of these ancient cultures’ tales in one of our Stories from Around the World books, and so they were more on top of the lessons than I was!

We’re still making our way through The Hobbit. We just read the barrel escape chapter, and it was hilarious to read out loud! I’ve also added a second, just-for-fun read-aloud to our school days…In Grandma’s Attic. Ladybug doesn’t remember the last time I read it, and I wanted Turkey and Bunny to have a chance to listen to a book just for fun, and not have to worry about vocabulary and analyzing everything. So far, we’re all enjoying it!

In science we’re learning all about fruit. I may have given the children too much power when I taught them what the difference is between a true fruit and a vegetable, because now they’re analyzing the entire produce department! We also talked about culinary fruits and vegetables, but they’re not interested in that…they just want to call everything by its proper scientific name!

I’m hoping to have a fun field trip this week, and I’m also thinking it may be getting close to time for us to have a fall break. The weather is finally starting to feel like fall, and I want to take advantage of it!

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