Lego Palace Cinema–Night One


It’s Lego time again! This time, we’re working on building the Palace Cinema, the latest addition to our modular Main Street. Night one of building introduced us to four minifigs: a child movie star and her chauffeur, a photographer (complete with very cool Lego camera), and an obviously overworked theater employee. We also built a cool Lego limousine.



The first night of building focused on the ticket and concession areas inside the theater:



There are also some really cool outside details, too, including a walk-up ticket window, as well as a really cool walk of fame. The printed star tiles were what made me fall in love with this set in the first place…they’re beautifully done!

I also love the Lego movie posters…very creative, and I’m pretty sure we’re living “Forever Sorting!”

It’s a very nice design so far, and I’m enjoying that it’s another corner building like the Grand Emporium.


The second floor will be the actual theater room…I can’t wait to see how it comes together!

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