A Tea for the Princess’s Birth Day

Back in 2013, when Prince George of Cambridge was born, we had a tea party to celebrate the birth of the future king. It was a lot of fun, and when we found out that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting her second child, I promised the children that if it was a girl, we would have another tea party to celebrate. You can imagine how excited they were to learn that Princess Charlotte of Cambridge had been born over the weekend!

I tried to find as many pink foods as I could this time around, including crown-shaped sugar cookies and Jell-O jigglers, strawberry wafers, princess goldfish crackers, Ghirardelli raspberry chocolates, and even English Breakfast tea in a pink box. We also had crown-shaped chocolate chip scones, English muffins with strawberry preserves and mock Devonshire cream, cucumber sandwiches, and bacon, brie, and date mini muffins. In addition to our standard candles and flowers, we even had a Lego depiction of the royal family (courtesy of Bunny), in our centerpiece!


The children said this was one of their favorite tea parties, and I was glad for the excuse to celebrate with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (even if they don’t know we’re rejoicing with them)!

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