A Bittersweet Moment

Moose loves school buses. Not riding them, which he doesn’t do, but observing them. He loves noting what their numbers are, what their schedules are like, how many windows they have, and even what kind of headlights they have (either happy lights or sad lights, depending on how they’re shaped).

Today we were walking home from his school, and the school bus got to our street just as we did. His face lit up with joy, and as it drove past, he waved at it. That made me smile, because he was so happy, and because it was such a Moose thing to do. But it also made me a little sad, because while most kids wave to their friends on the school bus, he was waving to the bus itself, because he was happy to see it, and knowing that was what he was doing was a reminder to me of the fact that he is different.

In the end I know it doesn’t matter why he was waving. It doesn’t even matter that he’s different…how boring would it be if we were all the same? All that matters is that seeing that bus made him really happy, and as a mother, I’m thrilled to have had the chance to see something that made his day and made his face shine with joy!

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