Lego Detective’s Office–Night Four

Tonight, we finished the Lego Detective’s Office!


There were no minifigs in this part of the building, but we did find a new style of cat!


Half of the build was roof, the other half added a third floor (a small kitchen) to part of the building:

We also built a sign for the pub…I always love the way Lego makes signs!


There’s even a water tower on the roof!


Although it’s smaller than a lot of the modular buildings, it’s very pretty!



It looks really nice in between half of the Pet Shop and the Parisian Restaurant, and the color scheme reminds me a little bit of Rainbow Row!


We are now officially out of modular buildings, so we are anxiously awaiting any news of what the next set might be. I am, as always, still hoping for a corner bank with a clock!

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