Evolution of Lego Main Street

It may sound silly, but I love watching our Lego Main Street grow and change.

It all started with the Grand Emporium. I wanted this particular building just because I liked how it looked so much…I had no intention of buying any others.


But then the new Parisian Restaurant came out, and Ryan really loved the way it looked, so I got it for him for his birthday. Why shouldn’t we each have a building we loved on display?


We had so much fun building those two together that I started really looking at the rest of the modulars. The Pet Shop caught my eye because the two halves of the building can be separated, which makes the street look more interesting.


At that point, I knew we were really in it, and I began to look forward to rumors of new sets. There were still a few older sets we didn’t have, and we added the Palace Cinema next.


When we heard last year that the Town Hall was being discontinued, we decided that would make a great Christmas present for each other…


And finally, the Detective’s Office was released this year, and with the addition of that to our street, we also rearranged the other buildings a bit.


Along the way, we’ve added some mini, free with purchase sets (like the flower cart) to make the streetscape even busier. Sadly, we missed out on the first buildings that came out, like the Fire Brigade and the Green Grocer, but we look forward to adding a new building every time Lego releases one. (I won’t be happy until they make a corner bank, though!)

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