2015-16 School Year–Week Eight

I can’t believe we’ve already finished eight weeks of school! That means we’re a quarter of the way through our math curriculum, and we’re all surviving (so far)! Math really hasn’t been too bad for anyone recently…Turkey and Bunny continue to work on conversions within the metric system, as well as from the metric to the Imperial system. Ladybug has added some new Roman numerals to the list she’s memorized, and is also working on multiplying a double-digit number by a single-digit number.

Writing has gotten a bit more intense for Turkey and Bunny. They’ve been working on brainstorming (where Wikipedia is allowed), and researching (where it is not). They’ve both picked a specific topic to study…Turkey has chosen the Oort Cloud, and Bunny the Protestant Reformation (excellent timing on that!). Ladybug is still working on dictation, copywork, and narration. In language arts, she’s also been learning about adjectives and adverbs, and how to diagram both.

History has taken us back to China and Japan. Since we’re also learning about Asia for our “Fun Friday” topic this year, we added in some origami. The children are much better at paper-folding than I am.

Turkey and Bunny have finished another module in science, and taken another test, on which they both excelled. They had another fun experiment this week, in which they discovered how different water densities affect the ability of an egg to float. They’re also learning the importance of reducing the number of variables in an experiment. Ladybug has learned about banding birds…why it’s done, and what kind of information is included.

I have a fun field trip planned for this week, so stay tuned!

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