2015-16 School Year–Week Twelve

I’m not going to lie…this has been a week of doing the bare minimum. We’ve had a nasty upper respiratory thing going through the house, and while the children rebounded pretty quickly, their teacher did not. So, we did math, language arts, reading, and science every day, but everything else just depended on how much I could get through, which on a few occasions was not much!

We sadly had to abandon Mr. Pipes altogether this week…so much for getting through that book before our Christmas break starts! I just didn’t have the voice for it, including one day when I had no voice at all! We did manage to keep up with all of our Jesse Tree readings as well as the readings from Ishtar’s Odyssey (although I did need to call in a substitute reader on two occasions).

Math this week was, mercifully, pretty easy. Turkey and Bunny have been working with mean, median, and mode, which is not new to them, and something they both enjoy. Ladybug had a bit of trouble with the distributive property at the beginning of the week, but I think she’s got it now.

We started our annual reading of A Christmas Carol (one of my favorite homeschool traditions!). I had planned to make it through the Ghost of Christmas Past this week, but due to coughing fits and a general inability to keep my eyes open, we only made it halfway through that visit. That’s not too bad, though, and it will be easy to catch up next week.

Ladybug has been learning about migration in science…I think she’s about halfway through that chapter. It’s not a bad time of year to be learning about it, but we never did notice the big migration pattern that usually goes through our area every fall this year. Turkey and Bunny finished up the fifth chapter in their science text, and will be taking the test for it on Monday. Learning about archaeology and paleontology has been very interesting to us all.

We only made it through one chapter in history this week, and thankfully, it was a short one. We learned a bit more about the Ottomans, and what was essentially their last big attempt to take over Europe, in a failed attempt to capture Vienna. We also got to learn a bit about the history of the tulip, which isn’t really important, but is fun!

Next week will also be a light week, but for different reasons…the closer we get to the end of the week, the more Christmas fun we’ll be having in school! I’m really looking forward to it!

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