Lego Brick Bank–Day Four

We built section three of the Brick Bank yesterday afternoon, and after dinner last night, we decided to go ahead and finish it.


No minifigs this time, but there was a really cool Lego chandelier…I love all the different ways Lego has found to build really cool light fixtures!


There were a lot of pieces in this part of the build, but the final product was small…the top of the second floor and the roof:


All the small pieces made for some really cool details:


Including another awesome Lego skylight:


And the secret entrance to the vault below…yes, the set even came with robber’s apparel!


It really is just like I dreamed it!


Now that we’ve finished the Brick Bank, I can’t help but wonder what the next modular building will be. There’s been something of a crime spree going on for the last few years, what with the cookie caper and now the bank heist…perhaps a police station is in order? I would also like to see a post office eventually. I do know that whatever Lego comes up with next, we’ll be adding it to our Main Street!

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