Atomic Butterflies

This Nancy dress from Pinup Girl Clothing is the Mary Blair print that almost wasn’t mine. I ordered the dress last winter, but I sized up, because I was still figuring out how Pinup Girl styles fit me. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake, and I ended up with a dress that, while it had gorgeous atomic colors of bright yellow, green, and pink on a cool grey background, and a fun butterfly pattern, was huge on me…baggy and too long and just plain awful. At the time, I simply returned it, because I didn’t want to take a chance that my normal size would be too small. I was disappointed, though, because I really loved the colors and print, and this dress continues to be the only item of clothing with that design.

Fortunately for me, Pinup Girl had a sale over Labor Day weekend, and I was able to save an additional 25% off the already-on-sale price, making the dress almost half-off! I was still worried about the sizing, but the fit is perfect, and of course I still love the atomic colors and the fanciful butterflies! I’m also glad to have added another style of dress to my wardrobe, especially since it’s in a fantastic Mary Blair print!

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