Sartorial Saturday–Vixen

I’ve already shared my love of the Vixen by Micheline Pitt Troublemaker top…I’m also a huge fan of the appropriately named Vixen top (which has already appeared in an outfit post here)!

Like the Troublemaker, this shirt has a nice weight to it, so even though it’s a knit, it’s also very well structured. The quality and workmanship is just as excellent as that of the Troublemaker, too. My favorite part of the shirt, however silly it might sound, it the collar/neckline. I have never been one to pop my collar, but there’s something about this top that makes me want to do so, and it looks great when I do! I’m not sure that the pictures really do it justice, but I feel really fantastic when I wear it!

I’ve purchased and loved two great shirts by Micheline Pitt. Hopefully, I’ll find a Vixen skirt next…I have thought about the leopard print full skirt…if that ever came out in grey instead of brown, it would be in my closet so fast it would make your head spin!

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