Sartorial Saturday–The Splendette Stack

For as long as I’ve been shopping with Pinup Girl Clothing and other retro brands, there has been one thing missing from my wardrobe…a good bangle stack in the bakelite style. I have admired the stacks that other vintage enthusiasts wear, often made by another retro brand, Splendette, who makes tons of “fakelite” bracelets, but there was no bangle stack for me. I have big hands and large wrists, and there was no bangle that would fit over my hand, much less around even the narrowest part of my wrists. No matter how great they looked, I always felt like my outfits were a bit incomplete, because to me, bangle bracelets, especially stacks of them, are a huge part of the overall look, and I couldn’t wear them.

A few months ago, I saw Splendette tease a new “Duchess Bangle” on Instagram, and I immediately perked up. As more information came out, I realized that I would finally have my chance! The bangles, which have a wrist hole of about 7.5 cm, would fit me! They were testing out the response to them, so they only produced six colors, in large and midi widths…three pastels, and three brights. Even though it meant international shipping, I ordered the full set of each when they came out, and I was not disappointed! Finally, I have the arm accessories I have been longing for! This is the pastel stack, which goes especially well with this Pinup Girl Butterfly dress:

The details on the bangles are amazing. They each have a different pattern, and the patterns are of different depths, which gives them a great visual texture. I love mixing the colors and widths to create new stacks. I’m really going to need Splendette to make some new Duchess Bangles, though, because I need more colors (purple, white, black, and clear would be a good start, plus GLITTER!!! All of the glitter…I’d buy one in every color they make, and I know they’ve done the whole rainbow in standard sizes!). Until that happens, though, I’m just happy that I can finally wear an awesome bangle stack with my retro fashions!

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  1. OMG…YES to everything you said! I just discovered these and have been on a holy grail type quest for bangles that fit my hand. I have a country/rockabilly band and really like to wear them on stage if I ever can find ones that fit. I’m about size XL now in clothing but even when I was size Small years ago I needed XL gloves/bangles…soooo hard to find. And I literally just messaged the company asking if they ever special make the glitter ones in larger size…I feel totally same as you I’d want to buy all colors of the rainbow cause it’s a miracle to find bangles to fit me! Wonder if there is any way we can make a ‘petition’ and get a bunch of gals to sign and send to the company to make a whole bunch of larger ones in all they colors/styles? 🙂

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