Classic Cars in the Courtyard

While we were at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens in Nashville, TN, to tour the Dressing Downton exhibit, we decided to see as much as we could at the estate. One of the things I had heard about that I knew Turkey would enjoy was the “Classic Cars in the Courtyard” display.

There were two cars being presented, in what used to be the Cheek family’s garage. I can only dream of having a garage so fancy!

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m not a car person. I love looking at old cars, because they were so elegant and had so much character, but I don’t really know what’s what. So I hope I have the right years/names with the right car, but if you know I don’t, please let me know!

There was a black 1925 Chrysler Standard Touring car. This is the car most easily associated with Downton Abbey, as the show’s times period ended only a year after this car came on the market. I loved both the gorgeous details on the car, and how well cared for it obviously is!

The 1931 Chrysler Deluxe Roadster is a bit of an anachronism compared with Downton Abbey, but it still has that feeling from the time period, and you can easily imagine that some member of the Grantham family may have eventually ridden in such a vehicle. This was also my favorite of the two cars…there are so many amazing details to take in!

I love helping my children make connections to history in any way I can. Seeing how people used to get around is definitely a great way to do that, even if these cars are almost as foreign to us as a horse and carriage are!

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