2017-18 School Year–Week Thirty-Three

We only have one week of school left, and now things are really winding down!

Turkey and Bunny took their penultimate math test this week…all they have left is the final exam! They’re on the last chapter in science (birds and mammals) and history (Constantine). They only have one act of Henry V left to read, too.

Ladybug learned about range, mean, median, and mode in math this week. She only has a few lessons left before her last test! She also finished the last chapter in her science book, and just has a few short chapters of history left.

Chickadee has mostly just been reviewing what she has learned this year. She still has the letters “X” and “Q” to learn, but let’s face, at this level, she won’t be using them too much yet! She finished her religion lessons for the year with the story of the Ascension on Ascension Day, which was timely.

So, we have a few tests left, and a few fun things to do, as well. We have one more field trip (to the St. Louis Science Center) before we’re done, and we’re looking forward to adding to our Lego Architecture collection on the last day of school…I can’t believe it’s almost here!

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