2019-20 School Year–Week Eleven

Happy November!

We only had a four-day week this week, but somehow, I don’t feel like we had any time off!

Turkey and Bunny continued their study of the Sacraments in their reading of the Augsburg Confession. In physics, they began learning about Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion. In “The Paradiso” they encountered Thomas Aquinas and King Solomon. They read about both Africa and Japan in history. Their health studies continued to focus on the senses…so far, they’ve read about sight, hearing, and touch/balance.

Ladybug also read about Solomon this week, but her readings were in her overview of the Bible. In math, she worked on decimal to percent conversions and scientific notation. She got to read “The Monkey’s Paw” in writing, which was funny, because Moose also read that story this week at his school! Her history lessons focused on the Sun King, Louis XIV. She started a section on the life sciences in science.

Chickadee also enjoyed learning about Louis XIV this week. She has started memorizing the 10 Commandments for catechesis. In math she practiced carrying into both the tens’ and hundreds’ place. She began a chapter on Earth in science. Her literature study of Tales from Beatrix Potter is almost complete.

I think next week will probably be a short week for us. Moose has a five-day weekend (which coincides with his birthday!), and while we don’t normally follow the public school schedule for our days off, I think it’s time that we had more than a single day’s break!

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