2019-20 School Year–Week Nineteen

We’ve started so many new things in school in the last two weeks that Christmas feels like a lifetime ago!

Turkey and Bunny started a study of the Formula of Concord in religion. They also began a chapter on radians in math, which is the last big new thing they need to study before they take the SAT in March. In physics, they started learning about work and energy. They finished the chapter on macronutrients in health. And we read about a dark time in America’s history…the Trail of Tears.

Ladybug finished her study of the Old Testament in religion, and is looking forward to starting the New Testament next week…it will be like Christmas all over again! She learned how to calculate permutations and combinations in math. She had a brief introduction to uniformitarianism and catastrophism in science, before studying each in more depth in the coming weeks. In history, she learned about China and Emperor Chien-lung.

Chickadee continued learning multiplication facts in math. She and Bunny are enjoying reading Alice in Wonderland together. She finished learning about the moon in science…Mars is up next!

We’re hoping to do a few fun, school-adjacent activities this weekend, but we’ll have to wait and see if the weather permits any of it to happen!

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