Impulse Buying, Pandemic Style

We’ve all done some impulse buying this year, right? It’s not just me? My big COVID-19 impulse buy was actually something I had been thinking about purchasing for a while, but our time of isolation finally convinced me to go ahead and press order. I bought a Soda Stream!

I love carbonation. I have an on-again, off-again soda addiction, partly because of the caffeine, but mostly because I love the bubbles. The idea of being able to carbonate my own water at home has intrigued me since I first heard of the Soda Stream, and between the fact that they’ve become very affordable, and my grocery shopping only once every two weeks, I decided now was the time.

We haven’t even tried any of the soda syrups. We have tasted most of the flavors of fruit drops (I like them all except the mango…fake mango is beyond gross to me), and we’ve also made a lot of plain water. I love the fact that we’re no longer buying a ton of plastic bottles, and that I can just make some fresh, bubbly water whenever the mood strikes.

As far as impulse buys go, I think this was a good one!

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