2020-21 School Year–Week Twenty-Five

Hymn of the Week–“Lamb of God, Pure and Holy” (Lutheran Service Book #434)

This has been a long week.

Turkey and Bunny learned about Riemann sums and how to find the area under a curve in calculus. In advanced biology, they finished up the chapter on the circulatory system, and even typed their own blood, which was really cool! They started reading The Great Gatsby…so far, they like it better than A Farewell to Arms. They also read about psychological disorders in psychology.

Ladybug learned about functions and relations, as well as direct and indirect variations in algebra. She and Chickadee read about the partitioning of Vietnam and the Korean War in history. In science, she finished the chapter on sound waves, learning about the Doppler effect. She continued reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She had to write a short paper about a person, so she chose to focus on Bunny!

Chickadee learned how to add fractions in math, and continued practicing reducing them. We’re almost to the end of Charlotte’s Web…I’m ready to cry! In science, she learned about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We’re still working on prepositions in grammar!

We have two four-day weeks coming up, and then a week off for spring break!

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