An Island Tour

For the last year-plus, I’ve been working hard to make Gloriana the home I want it to be…now it’s time for an island tour!

Let’s begin with my house:

Just outside my door, I have a rainbow tulip garden:

Roald’s house is right next door…he’s the best neighbor!

I spent a long time creating an initial garden with my favorite flowers:

The plaza is the center of island life, and hosts many events (like the New Year’s countdown):

The museum is one of my favorite locations, and I love the fountain and flowers out front!

I do most of my shopping at Nook’s Cranny:

But if I need clothes, the Able Sisters store is the place to be!

There’s a pumpkin patch and apple orchard to visit at any time of year:

I have a Japanese garden:

And a tea garden:

I love the various seasonal shrubs I have planted all around my island!

It’s Christmas all year long on Gloriana!

My ice bar is also up all year long, but it looked the best when there was snow on the ground:

My cherry blossom viewing area is also my bell orchard:

It’s Festivale all year long on the dance floor:

And the table is always set for Thanksgiving:

I love welcoming visitors at my campsite:

Gullivarrr helped me a create a pirate-themed area on the beach:

And I have a Mario set-up on the cliffs:

Just because there are endless beaches doesn’t mean I don’t also need a pool for spa days:

I really love my cozy dog park:

And I have an über-fancy black and gold rose garden:

Since I couldn’t have a beach volleyball net, a basketball court was the next best thing!

Celeste helped me create a space exploration area:

There’s also a wedding corner:

I love a beach cookout!

It’s nice to take a break in my outdoor café:

I have some whimsical palm tree lamps to go with the actual palm trees:

I also enjoy having a picnic under a palm tree on the beach:

I’ve had fun collecting springy ride-ons:

And just in case I get bitten by the travel bug, there’s a terrific little airport…but it’s always nice to come back home!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of my favorite locations on Gloriana! If you’d like to visit for yourself in your dreams, my address is DA-5313-0640-4319.

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