An Island Home Tour

I’ve shared a tour of Gloriana, my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; now it’s time for a tour of my house!

My main room is the one I spent the most time and work on. The mermaid-themed items were created from recipes I received from Paschal, and made with pearls he also gave me. It took quite a bit of effort to collect everything, and I also added some pieces using special recipes that require seasonal summer shells.

Next up is what I call my “cozy room.” It might be my favorite because it contains some special items and some awards I’ve received in the game, plus posters of all of my penguin neighbors.

I don’t just have a kitchen in my house…I have a whole diner! The jukebox is especially fun, but I also have music playing in every other room of my house, too…and a different KK Slider piece in each, to boot!

My cute room is my newest addition to my house. Originally, I was working on a room featuring white rattan furniture, but I got tired of trying to collect the non-native items (my island normally has black rattan furniture), so I switched it up entirely. This room also has all of my other villager posters, including those of my two non-penguin neighbors, as well as those of some of my daughters’ neighbors.

Upstairs is my antique room, which seems appropriate for an attic. Yes, I do keep a full-size Christmas tree up all year long!

And finally, my imperial room in my basement. Yes, I have a pet turtle which I caught myself. I also think the bear is a nice touch, don’t you?

As always, if you’d like to see Gloriana for yourself, my Dream Address is DA-5313-0640-4319.

Next up: A tour of the rest of the homes on my island!

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