An Island Tour of Homes

As promised, here’s a tour of all of my neighbors’ homes on my island!

First up, my next-door-neighbor Roald’s house. He still has the St. Patrick’s Day door decoration I gave him hanging up. Actually, a good number of the items in his house were also gifts from me…I love that he has them on display!

Aurora has a cute house with a little library out front. I love her snowflake and ice decor inside, too!

Cube has the same doorplate as Roald. The inside of his house hasn’t changed too much, but he does have a few items from me on display, including the robot I gave him for Christmas.

Like Roald and Cube, Wade also has a St. Patrick’s Day doorplate, and since he likes fish, I made some wooden fish to go next to his house. Speaking of fish, his house is full of them…I don’t know if they’re pets, or if he’s planning a large meal, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

Sprinkle has a nice birdbath outside of her house…that’s not weird since she’s technically a bird, is it? Her shell furniture is from one of my favorite series, and it goes so nicely with the icy items!

Iggly has a beehive outside of his house, which is located right by my apple orchard/pumpkin patch. His illuminated trees are so pretty, and he always has plenty of popsicles on hand!

Just outside Puck’s door is a doghouse, and my black and gold rose garden. I got the idea for my ice bar from his house, but mine doesn’t include a fish!

Boomer has a log garden lounge next to his house, which is good, because he’s a lazy villager. In addition to ice furniture, he has a cute snowman!

Antonio has a spa outside his door, but you can’t really see it here. His house is extremely plain…I guess he’s too busy working out to decorate.

And finally, Ursula’s house, with a music stand right next to it, because she likes to sing. I really love how cozy the inside of her house is!

I made sure to plant at least one lily-of-the-valley, the symbol of my perfect town rating, outside of each of my neighbors’ homes. Many of the houses also have seasonal shrubs, in addition to the special furniture items I placed outside, to add a little extra curb appeal. They all seem happy with their homes and the island, so I think I’ve done a good job!

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