2021-22 School Year–Week Four

Another busy week is complete!

Ladybug identified different types of angles in geometry, so nothing too difficult there. She learned a bit about the pH scale in biology, and we did a fun experiment with water, vinegar, antacids, baking powder, and baking soda. She read about Gilgamesh in history. In writing, she worked on adding to sentences to make them more interesting. We continued reading Little Women, and we got to the part where Beth gets sick for the first time (we discussed putting the book in the freezer). We tried a lot of new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook…a dinner of apple orchard chicken, Hannah’s pounded potatoes, Jo’s much-improved asparagus and Amy’s lemonade (again), with “lemon cheese” tartlets for dessert, and another dinner of Hannah’s cottage pie, which is the best shepherd’s-style pie I’ve ever had!

Chickadee practiced word problems in math, including identifying if she had not enough or too much information in them. She finished memorizing “The Land of Nod,” and ahead of schedule, too! We read about dolphins, porpoises, and killer and beluga whales in science. Our geography study took us to Europe, where we learned about The Netherlands and she helped me make Dutch egg and cheese for dinner one night, and Germany…we made a Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake) for the first time!

I’m looking forward to more adventures in school and cooking next week!

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