Tasty Tuesday–The Little Women Cookbook

I’ve been sharing pictures of the recipes we’ve tried from The Little Women Cookbook every week…here’s a look at the full selection! We tried breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, plus lots of desserts, and even a few beverages. We didn’t make everything in the book…some recipes weren’t that appealing to us (milk toast), some we couldn’t find the proper ingredients for (buckwheat pancakes), and some just didn’t make the cut right now, but we may come back to later (even more dessert recipes!).

In case you’re wondering, here’s the full list:

  • Cheese and Jam Turnovers
  • Amy’s Frothy French Drinking Chocolate
  • Amy’s Lemonade
  • Amy’s “Christmas Day” Muffins
  • Apple Orchard Chicken
  • “Lemon Cheese” Tartlets
  • Hannah’s Pounded Potatoes
  • Maple-Cornmeal Drop Biscuits
  • New England Fish Chowder
  • Black Raspberry Jelly Cake with Lemon Cream
  • “Indian Meal” Griddle Cakes
  • Meg’s Chicken and Macaroni Soup
  • Oatmeal Porridge with Apples, Cinnamon, and Maple Syrup
  • Meg’s Macaroni and Cheese
  • Vanilla Butter Cookies with Mr. Bhaer’s Chocolate Drops
  • Hannah’s Smoked Sausage and Potato “Mess”
  • Meg’s Currant Jelly Sauce
  • Beef Stew with Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Chicken Salad with Grapes and Almonds
  • Parisian Cream Puffs
  • Apple Slump
  • Meg’s “Plum” Pudding
  • Apple Turnovers
  • Jo’s Much-Improved Corned Beef
  • Cheese, Butter, and Celery Sandwiches
  • Jo’s Shellfish Relish
  • Roast Beef Picnic Sandwiches
  • Jo’s Gingerbread
  • 1850 Tartar Sauce
  • Baked New England Cod

This was a fantastic cookbook, and every recipe we tried was excellent. Some of the top favorites were the Parisian cream puffs, Amy’s lemonade, Jo’s gingerbread, and the cheese and jam turnovers. We’ll definitely be using the cookbook more to repeat selections in the future!

Update: I finally found buckwheat flour and we tried the buckwheat pancakes…they were amazing!

2021-22 School Year–Week Ten

This has been a really long week, so I guess I’m kind of glad it’s over. But we have had a lot of fun, too, so it wasn’t all bad. Ladybug learned about the different kinds of triangles in geometry. She worked on writing conversations for her writing course. In science she looked at the difference between plant and animal cells under the microscope. We’ve made it through the worst part of Little Women…but now there’s very little of the book left! We finished all of the main recipes I wanted to make in The Little Women Cookbook…Jo’s Gingerbread, and baked New England cod served with 1850 tartar sauce.

Chickadee continued to make factor trees in math. We read about sea snakes in science. She continued to diagram the predicate nominative in grammar. Her geography lesson focused on Antarctica, so we didn’t do any cooking this week…and we didn’t want to eat raw fish like penguins!

We also visited the pumpkin patch this week, and picked out a nice trio of pumpkins. This is always one of my favorite field trips of the year!

I can’t believe next week is already the last week of October!

2021-22 School Year–Week Nine

This week has felt really busy!

Ladybug learned about the Christian Scientists and Scientology in her study of comparative religions this week. She calculated the area of different shapes in geometry. In astronomy, she read about wavelength and frequency. Her new biology chapter is about cells. She started adding direct objects to her sentence diagrams. We have made it to the part of Little Women where we want to put the book in the freezer, because Beth is really sick. We also did a lot of cooking from The Little Women Cookbook this week. We made apple turnovers for dessert one night, and Jo’s much-improved corned beef for a dinner. We also made a trio of recipes for lunch…roast beef picnic sandwiches, Jo’s shellfish relish, and cheese, butter, and celery sandwiches.

Chickadee made it to the end of the Israelites’ time in the desert in religion, and started the time of the Judges. She started making factor trees in math. She learned about the different species of sea turtles in science. She started identifying the complete predicate in a sentence in grammar. In geography, we visited Argentina, and made Argentine butter cookies and Dulche de Leche…Chickadee thought it was hilarious that we literally cooked a can!

I’m hoping that next week, we’ll get to go pumpkin picking!

2021-22 School Year–Week Eight

I can’t believe we’ve already completed eight weeks of school!

Ladybug reviewed finding the perimeter of different shapes in geometry. She finished the chapter on ecology in science. In history, she read about the fall of Sumer. Our theme for recipes from The Little Women Cookbook this week was desserts…Parisian cream puffs, apple slump, and Meg’s “plum” pudding with a delightful orange caramel sauce:

Chickadee started solving equations with parentheses in math. She added direct objects to her sentence diagrams in grammar. We started reading about sea turtles in science. We visited Central and South American in Another Trip Around the World. We made both beef empanadas and dessert empanadas filled with blackberry preserves when we learned about Panama, and Pan de Jamón when we read about Venezuela.

It looks like next week we’re going to have some real fall weather, and I can’t wait!

2021-22 School Year–Week Seven

This was a pretty fun week!

Ladybug learned about transversals and alternate exterior and interior angles in geometry (interestingly, Moose learned about the exact same thing at his school this week!). In grammar, she learned how to diagram adverbs, including prepositional phrases that act like adverbs. She continued learning about ecology in biology with a discussion on biomes and habitats. In history, she read about the first monotheistic religion with the call of Abram, so that was pretty much review. We talked about Mormonism in her study of comparative religions. We read about Meg’s wedding and the birth of the twins in Little Women, and made two new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook…Beef stew with molasses and apple cider vinegar, and chicken salad with grapes and almonds:

Chickadee continued to practice rounding money in math. She learned about walruses, manatees, and dugongs in science. She reviewed everything she’s learned so far this year in grammar. Her dictation assignments in writing have gotten much longer! We took a break from our trip around the world in geography to review the countries we’ve learned about so far and read about how maps and globes developed…next week, we’re going to begin our second loop around the world by visiting a whole new set of countries!

We also had a fun celebration for the feast of St. Michael and All Angels. We prepared a special dinner and dessert (Mediterranean angel hair pasta, and angel food cake with homemade strawberry sauce), and made hand and footprint angels…there’s now glitter everywhere!

We went on our first indoor field trip since before the pandemic began, to pretty much the only place I feel comfortable taking the yet-to-be-vaccinated Chickadee…our church! It is one of the charter congregations of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and we took a tour of the building, where we learned about not only the history of the structure, but also the congregation and the surrounding community. It was very informative, and even I learned a ton!

I’m not sure how we’ll top the fun we’ve had this week, but at least it’s October now, and we have all of our favorite fall activities to look forward to!

2021-22 School Year–Week Six

Fall is finally here and this was a beautiful week for school! On Tuesday, we enjoyed a cool (albeit rainy) walk around Forest Park and the St. Louis Zoo:

Ladybug learned about complementary and supplementary angles in geometry this week. In her study of comparative religions, she traveled to the Far East, where she read about Shintoism, Confucianism, and Taoism. She started learning about ecology in biology. We finished the first book of Little Women, and made a bunch of new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook: Meg’s chicken and macaroni soup (plus more maple-cornmeal drop biscuits), oatmeal porridge with apples, cinnamon, and maple syrup, Meg’s macaroni and cheese, vanilla butter cookies with Mr. Bhaer’s chocolate drops, Hannah’s smoked sausage and potato “mess” and Meg’s currant jelly sauce:

Chickadee worked on rounding in math, including rounding money. She started learning about pinnipeds in science…so far, we’ve learned how to identify a true seal. We worked on diagramming adverbs in grammar. We finished our first trip around the world, and made three new recipes…a meat pie which was surprisingly well-received, plus damper bread, both from Australia, and a blueberry crumble with “snowballs” (vanilla ice cream) from Canada:

Since the weather was so nice, we spent some extra time doing our school work outside this week…I especially enjoyed reading Little Women under the tree in our yard!

It’s supposed to warm back up, so I guess next week won’t be quite as pleasant as this one was, but more beautiful fall days are on the way!

2021-22 School Year–Week Five

I realized this morning that we’re already a quarter of the way though our countdown to the 100th day of school, and that’s really hard to believe!

Ladybug got to have fun with her compass in geometry this week when she bisected angles. She read about pyramids in history…not just the Great Pyramids with which everyone is familiar, but the different styles that led up to them. She practiced writing both sides of an argument. In science she wrapped up the second chapter by learning about hydrolysis. We made four new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook (maple-cornmeal drop biscuits, New England fish chowder, black raspberry jelly cake with lemon cream, and “Indian meal” griddle cakes), plus a variation on the cheese and jam turnovers we made previously.

Chickadee reviewed rounding numbers to different place values before adding them in math. She learned about baleen whales in science. She started diagramming adverbs. I introduced a new poem for her to memorize. We moved farther east to Asia in geography, where she learned about Saudi Arabia and we made hummus, as well as China, which featured a delicious cucumber salad:

I’m starting to hope for a fun, outdoors field trip for fall…I just need it to cool off a bit more first!

2021-22 School Year–Week Four

Another busy week is complete!

Ladybug identified different types of angles in geometry, so nothing too difficult there. She learned a bit about the pH scale in biology, and we did a fun experiment with water, vinegar, antacids, baking powder, and baking soda. She read about Gilgamesh in history. In writing, she worked on adding to sentences to make them more interesting. We continued reading Little Women, and we got to the part where Beth gets sick for the first time (we discussed putting the book in the freezer). We tried a lot of new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook…a dinner of apple orchard chicken, Hannah’s pounded potatoes, Jo’s much-improved asparagus and Amy’s lemonade (again), with “lemon cheese” tartlets for dessert, and another dinner of Hannah’s cottage pie, which is the best shepherd’s-style pie I’ve ever had!

Chickadee practiced word problems in math, including identifying if she had not enough or too much information in them. She finished memorizing “The Land of Nod,” and ahead of schedule, too! We read about dolphins, porpoises, and killer and beluga whales in science. Our geography study took us to Europe, where we learned about The Netherlands and she helped me make Dutch egg and cheese for dinner one night, and Germany…we made a Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake) for the first time!

I’m looking forward to more adventures in school and cooking next week!

2021-22 School Year–Week Three

We had a fun week of school! On Monday, we got to visit a sunflower field, something I’ve been wanting to do for months, but hadn’t gotten around to. It was a beautiful morning, and seeing that many bright and cheerful flowers was a really nice way to start the week!

Ladybug worked on measuring and drawing angles in geometry. She learned a little about the periodic table and chemical formulas in biology. We discussed ancient forms of writing in history. We read one of my favorite chapters in Little Women…Camp Laurence. I love the part where they play “rigamarole!” We also made two recipes from The Little Women Cookbook this week…Amy’s lemonade, which had the added flavors of orange and clove (so tasty!), and Amy’s “Christmas Day” muffins, which really did taste like Christmas thanks to orange, cranberry, and cinnamon. I’m a little disturbed that three of the four recipes we’ve tried are attributed to Amy, but the next bunch of recipes on the schedule represent a more wide variety of characters, which is good.

Chickadee reviewed Roman numerals in math, as well as adding and subtracting fractions. We started reading about whales in science. She reviewed verbs in grammar. In our study of geography, we traveled to Africa, where we visited Egypt and made a simplified version of palace bread, and Kenya, where the featured recipe was tapioca pudding with pineapple. I especially loved the pudding!

I haven’t decided if we’re having school on Monday or not, but at the very least, we’re looking forward to not having to get up early!

2021-22 School Year–Week Two

I was right…this week was weird, too! Turkey and Bunny started college, and getting used to their comings and goings is going to take some work. It’s definitely quieter in the house while they’re gone, which is also weird!

Despite the weirdness, we had a productive week. Ladybug had another geometry test and her first biology test (she was thrilled). We also got out the microscope for the first time, which was fun. She read about Islam in her study of comparative religions. She also continued her independent study of astronomy. We discussed the unification of ancient Egypt under Narmer. We added a little fun to grammar with the use of Mad Libs. We continued to read Little Women, and made two recipes from The Little Women Cookbook: Cheese and jam turnovers (or “muffs” if you’ve read the book), and Amy’s frothy French drinking chocolate.

Chickadee finished the first section of her Bible storybook on the beginning of the world through Noah. She had her first math test. She reviewed pronouns in grammar, and also began memorizing her first poem of the year, “The Land of Nod.” We wrapped up the first chapter in her science text…next week, she’ll start learning about specific aquatic creatures. Our study of geography took us to Mexico and Brazil. I’m trying to add in some hands-on activities in the way of crafts and cooking for that class, so we made Mexican tissue paper flowers and brigadeiro, a type of Brazilian truffles or bon bons.

And tonight we even got to see a rainbow, which fit perfectly with Chickadee’s story about Noah and the flood today!

Maybe next week, things will finally feel a little less weird, now that everyone has had a chance to get used to how different things are around here this year!