2021-22 School Year–Week Five

I realized this morning that we’re already a quarter of the way though our countdown to the 100th day of school, and that’s really hard to believe!

Ladybug got to have fun with her compass in geometry this week when she bisected angles. She read about pyramids in history…not just the Great Pyramids with which everyone is familiar, but the different styles that led up to them. She practiced writing both sides of an argument. In science she wrapped up the second chapter by learning about hydrolysis. We made four new recipes from The Little Women Cookbook (maple-cornmeal drop biscuits, New England fish chowder, black raspberry jelly cake with lemon cream, and “Indian meal” griddle cakes), plus a variation on the cheese and jam turnovers we made previously.

Chickadee reviewed rounding numbers to different place values before adding them in math. She learned about baleen whales in science. She started diagramming adverbs. I introduced a new poem for her to memorize. We moved farther east to Asia in geography, where she learned about Saudi Arabia and we made hummus, as well as China, which featured a delicious cucumber salad:

I’m starting to hope for a fun, outdoors field trip for fall…I just need it to cool off a bit more first!

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