Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Update

It’s been a few weeks now, so I thought I’d take a look at my favorite things from the recent update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The highlight was the arrival of Brewster…I’m so happy to be able to visit The Roost again…he really understands how I like my coffee!

Your neighbors can now visit your home…they can either ask if they can come over, as Roald did today, or they can just barge in on you when you’re at home, which I love!

They’ve added some new home decor options, including the addition of accent walls and hanging fixtures:

Kapp’n and his boat have returned (not to mention his sea shanties!), and the islands he can take you to have the added benefit of allowing you to occasionally pick up seasonal items that might not be currently available back home!

They also added a ton of new furniture with the update, including the Plaza series, which I absolutely love, and used to make a permanent Oktoberfest installation:

Group stretching on the plaza is lots of fun!

There are also new recipes, new hairstyles, and a whole new addition to Harv’s island, where you can shop with some of the special merchants who occasionally visit your island, as well as have Cyrus customize furniture, which is especially great if you want to collect items in colors not native to your island. And I haven’t even mentioned the DLC, which is basically a way to marry a whole new game to your existing one…stay tuned for a look at that once I get it figured out!

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