2021-22 School Year–Week Eighteen

We had another busy week! Ladybug solved problems using the Pythagorean Theorem in geometry. In her study of denominations, she read about the Anglican/Episcopal Church. She learned about genetic mutations and how hereditary conditions are passed down in biology. We started reading the third fit of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. She diagrammed sentences containing helping, linking, and/or action verbs in grammar.

Chickadee read about Elijah and Elisha in religion. She practiced time zone math. We read about all 12 of Heracles’ Labors in Greek mythology. We finished up the section on sharks in science. She started memorizing the list of prepositions in grammar. We were busy in our study of world geography…we learned about France, Russia, and Italy, and made Casse-croûte for lunch one day, Malinoviy Kisel (a raspberry drink), to go with a dinner, and an orange granita for dessert one night. I think we only have one country to go (India), before we move on to US geography!

I’m hoping to devote a little time to the 2022 Winter Olympics in the next few weeks, and we’ll also be taking a look at the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in honor of the platinum anniversary of her accession to the throne on February 6th!

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