2021-22 School Year–Week Twenty-Six

April is here!

Ladybug proved right triangles in geometry. Her study of denominations is almost complete…this week, she learned about Pentecostalism/Assemblies of God churches. She finished the chapter on plant structure in biology…next week, we start reading about animals! Act III of Henry V is finally complete, and she wrote what might have been her best paper ever about Henry’s famous “Once more unto the breach” speech. In history, she had an introduction to Alexander the Great…next week, she’ll read more about him and his empire.

Chickadee practiced rounding decimals in math. We finished the stories from the Old Testament in her Bible overview. She read about octopuses in science. We continued to read fairy tales from The Blue Fairy Book. She started memorizing a new poem in grammar, practiced writing direct quotes, and began a big review of pretty much everything she’s learned so far.

Today Chickadee wanted to try a recipe form Much Ado About Anne, a book she’s reading from The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, so we made chocolate banana smoothies for lunch:

I can’t believe that the school year ends next month!

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